Capturing life  

Portrait photography by definition is imagery that captures the personality of the people involved within it, through the use of effective lighting, scenery, poses and styling. Whether it be through naturally shot lifestyle session or a studio lit studio shoot, the goal is always to capture the life of the subject. 


Portraits, and the rest...

Portrait Photography is such a broad category that encompasses multiple types of shoots, from candids and lifestyle to studio lit headshots, so to break it down below is a list below of the more popular sessions I offer: 


Lifestyle sessions  

Environmental portraits 

Professional/Traditional portraiture

Press Shots


The above is not an definitive list of what we can do together, so if you have any requests or would like to discuss something a little more unique, then feel free to get in touch.


Traditional Portraits 

Traditional portrait photography is posed and it helps the subjects look their best. Often, traditional portraits are shot at the home studio using flashes and with a plain backdrop.

The genre also tends to favour the most traditional portrait composition. This means the head and shoulders crop as opposed to a full-body portrait.

Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are perfect way of capturing either real or staged moments, sometimes the best approach can be to just simply observe and capture a situation such as a family picnic or children playing in the park.

Other times you can get amazing results by producing a set-up that the subject(s) can pose around, to really emphasise the surroundings and specifics of the set.


Press Shots 

Aspiring DJ or established media personality, press shots are a crucial element in promoting your personal brand in a very casual and stylish approach. This can be achieved through studio setup or natural light street style photography. Regardless of the location, the aim is for your image to promote you in the sleekest way possible. 


Fashion Shoots

Fashion photography generally combines different styles of portrait photography with the purposes of product photography to showcase particular items of clothing.

Carefully choosing your model and styling them accordingly is a skill of its own, thankfully I work with a network of stylists and models that can be made available for most any kind of clothing or accessories should they be required. 


Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are a mix of traditional portrait photography and lifestyle portrait photography. In environmental portrait photography, the environment and the person both have importance.

Whether this be a footballer playing, a musician strumming or a professional in their workplace. Both the activity and the subject themselves play a key role.

Head Shots and Professional Portraits

A strong look for your professional online presence is vital in the corporate world, and having a selection of high quality images, that you feel comfortable with will scream professionalism and raise your own confidence when networking and boosting personal branding.

Portrait Gallery

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Whatever your needs may be, I have pricing to suit most every request, if you are interested in working together then I can provide a pricing guide upon request, which we can follow up with a creative meeting or call to discuss exactly what you are after, to make sure we get the most out of your shoot. 


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